The Britannia Mine Museum is an award-winning Museum, well known for its underground tours and its Mill building. Despite the Mill’s designation as a National Historic Site, very few visitors knew its true story including its deep connection the people of BC.

To solve this problem, the Museum embarked on an ambitious $4.3 million renovation installing a video & special effects show inside the Mill.

To generate awareness of the new visitor experience, Blue Sky was contracted to develop a stand-alone brand for the show and integrate the new attraction into traditional and online advertising.

Movie trailer developed for Britannia Mine Museum’s BOOM!


Pre-launch Marketing

Before BOOM! opened to the public, the team followed a strategic PR schedule, unveiling different pieces of the project one at a time.

Early pieces included tickets to visit the Museum that could be given away at trade shows, an engaging 4-panel brochure to help elevate the Museum as a must-visit attraction and highway signage pronouncing something new to the 25,000 daily commuters.


Social Influencers

A successful influencer campaign was undertaken to generate more awareness for BOOM! Influencers were invited to the Museum via Instagram and received Eventbrite invitations or branded postcards with event details.

Influencers were asked to share as much of their experience as possible, using the hashtag #BCBOOM, and were given two tickets as a gift to encourage a secondary visit after BOOM! opened.

In total, ## influencers and media members showed up, generating ## impressions and $$ in earned media.

‘This Marketing Team Really Nailed It!’

BOOM! SFX_1x2.jpg


BOOM! was launched to the public on June 2nd, 2019 and is in the midst of a strong summer at the Museum. Early returns show it to be an important new motivator for visitation with 55% awareness among local audiences, generated as a result of this integrated campaign.

Project Requests

  • Development of a new website

  • Social Influencer Campaign

  • Public Relations

  • Social Media Management

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Brand Design and Development

  • Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)

  • Highway Billboard Production

  • Transit Advertising

  • Print & Digital Advertising

  • Signage Production

  • Integrated Campaign Strategy